Tuesday, 31 December 2013

DocumentEditor 2013.26 (mostafa_azzuni) x64-x86

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Category: Office tools|Text editors
Developer: Semagsoft

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DocumentEditor torrentDocumentEditor
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Document.Editor application was designed to be a small tool that enablesyou edit text documents or create new ones. Document.Editor is an application that allows you to check spelling and translate text to speech.

Monday, 30 December 2013

RadLight 4.0 Final

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Category: Multimedia|Video|Video Players
Developer: RadLight, LLC.

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RadLight torrentRadLight
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RadLight is a simple-to-use multimedia application that allows you to play audio and video files, as well as to open the URL. It has a very low CPU usage and a very small memory footprint. All this is possible thanks to a single module RadLights architecture and results-based management component. The new architecture also enables a very flexible and extensible by third party plugins. It introduces an innovative sustainability management error exceptions management applications and automatically generate a log file.

OAndO Defrag Server Edition 16.0 Build 183 [32-Bit & 64-Bit]

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Category: System|Hard Disk Utils
Developer: O&O Software GmbH

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OAndO Defrag Server Edition torrentOAndO Defrag Server Edition
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O & O Defrag Server Edition is not only the best, and specially created defragmentation software for employees - also comes with O & O Defrag network management.O &, O Defrag Server Editionhelps distribute and control O & O Defrag below The Server Edition of the entire network. It also includes a make your own software distribution system (O & O ComponentInstaller), which allows the software in just a few clicks web mouse. Major updates can be easily integrated intelligent control system.The special edition includes O & O Defrag Server Edition agent, client software like O & O Defrag Server Edition - this drug should only be installed if. After that, all communication is controlled by the console. When the console recognizes a new computer where the agent has not been installed, the administrator of the application to install. Additional software is required, nor any further configuration. Everything happens for you, and all fully and Windows security concepts.

Catalog Creator 7.0.3 Download

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Category: Authoring tools|Cover editors
Developer: On-site Computer Services Ltd

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Catalog Creator torrentCatalog Creator
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The catalogs, brochures, catalogs, CD-ROMs, online catalogs and even an e-commerce website was created to help you to print that applies. Thousands of unique data items tabular format allows you to view a wide variety of customizable designs. You can list the information to customize the look and price columns, table and cell borders, font size and many other options can change. We can design a custom template for the requirements. Catalog Creator can import data from Microsoft Excel. Many accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Excel export utility is constructed. Others ExcelNOTE can be converted to CSV or other text files can be exported: You need Microsoft Excel to prepare your data for import into Catalog Creator. If you do not excel, we have to look at the sample data and to prepare data for a price you can offer.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

CpuIdle Extreme 6.0b PLAYNOW (Windows XP/7/8) Download

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Category: System|System Miscellaneous
Developer: Andreas Götz

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CpuIdle Extreme torrentCpuIdle Extreme
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CPUID is a software power management. Unlike normal power management planned by the operating system, CPUID is always active. CPUID is still even when actively using your computer! CPUID created idea of ​​software CPU cooling: CPUID was the first energy management software and cooling CPU cooling provides online during normal business PC. CPUID CPU temperature falls. This improves the life of the CPU (a decrease of 10 degrees Celsius double life) and reduce energy consumption.

EximiousSoft GIF Creator 7.20 Windows XP/7 Download

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Size: 12 MB
Category: Multimedia|Graphic|Graphic Editors
Developer: EximiousSoft

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EximiousSoft GIF Creator torrentEximiousSoft GIF Creator
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EximiousSoft GIF Creator is a program that allows you to create GIF animations in a simple way. Helpful?? Interface of this application which is reminiscent of complex graphical editing tool. However, there is nothing to worry about because its features are easy to use. So, you can create an empty frame, two frame, add frames for paintings, reverse the order or sort them into animation. Obviously, you can use the basic image editing tools, such as rectangular, lasso and magic wand selection, size, and rotate images, and add images of objects, symbols and text. You can also use a pencil, eraser, flood fill and color palette plot?? Ite rectangle, ellipse, or polygon, as well as zoom in and out. In addition, you can set the level of transparency of images, and add a drop shadow effects (eg, fade, turn the page, rotate, zoom, rotate 3D). In addition, you can optimize your GIF animation (for example, to adjust the intensity and color of the shake) and view it in a web browser, the size of the animation canvas and export image frames of animation and export to HTML, and others. The program operates in moderation system resources, includes full help file for beginners and is a very good response time (EximiousSoft GIF Creator you can temporarily freeze when s attempt?? Ajo optimize and view animation). All in all, EximiousSoft GIF Creator is a very good program for the construction and design GIF animations, and we recommend it for all levels of users.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Audio To Video Mixer 3.1.2 Download

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Size: 812 MB
Category: Multimedia|Video|Video Editors
Developer: DigitByte Studio

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Audio To Video Mixer torrentAudio To Video Mixer
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Audio Video Mixer is a program that lets you edit video and audio files. It can remove original sound from your home video, add background music, narration or more sound tracks to the video.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 15.0.4420.1017 RTM / 2010 14.0.7015.1000 Service Pack 2 Download

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Category: Office tools|Office suites
Developer: Microsoft

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Microsoft Office torrentMicrosoft Office
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The Microsoft Office system has evolved from a series of personal productivity products to a more comprehensive and integrated system. Microsoft Office provides a powerful new tools to express ideas, solve problems, and connect with people. Office for you to work how, when and where you want, so you can make things a PC, Web, and even a smartphone. Microsoft Office, you can review and do minor editing in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote documents virtually anywhere, by using Office Web Apps from more locations on more devices. Keep your people productive on the go. Office gives you access and edit documents stored on a server while you? Re offline with SharePoint Workspace, and then automatically syncs these changes when you? Re online. So you can be productive on the go. Support your employees, regardless of location or device. Office to save time and money by helping you deploy and manage Office PC, smartphone and the Internet, all from within familiar Microsoft System Center tools. Create and presentations that help you stand out from the competition. Office puts you in the director's chair? The chair that allows you to create dazzling digital content in PowerPoint without expensive third-party tools. And you can broadcast your presentation to anyone with a browser, even if they do not have PowerPoint. Stay organized and on top of your work. OneNote to bring together all the sales figures on a daily digital images, so all the information you need is easily accessible. You can also create side notes that stay on your screen as you move between different programs, so you can keep your thoughts organized as multi-task. This will help you stay organized and save time. Turn intuition into insights to make quicker and more informed business decisions. Excel provides tools for improved data visualization, which can give you key insights into business processes and tailor messaging and products to best meet customer needs. Whole trends can be transferred within the cell Sparklines. And there are more options in styles and icons in conditional formatting, as well as the ability to highlight specific items, such as, for example? Max / min? with a single click. IMPORTANT: In order to obtain an assessment of the key, and use Microsoft Office Downloads, you must register aTechNet or MSDN or use an existing one. Office 2013 RTM downloads are in the form of IMG and install the package, you will need to burn the downloaded file to a CD or DVD and then use it to use the setup.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Express Files by Michael37 32bit Download

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Category: Internet|Download Managers
Developer: Express Solutions

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Express Files torrentExpress Files
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Express Files is an application easy to use that allows you to search files on the Internet and download them. The program is simple and easy to use that it becomes intuitive guidance immediately after installation, as what you use as long as the browser or website favorite. Pass the installation process (just like all other programs), can all be reduced to boot process only three points. In EF's as easy as 1, 2, 3! All you need to do is select the file and click on it. If this is still not enough to satisfy your need for new content, you'll see a large and clearly labeled buttons: Program and downloads the most popular name for proven right on the home page under the cloud tag. Press downloads a list of the most popular records, which are the main trends of the download. At last check the download, you will find only records whch are checked for quality. Everything is easy, just click the Download button! After starting the download, you will see a dialog box that can be used to choose the place for your files. Select the folder where you want to save the download and once this is done, your download will start in a separate window. It is common for users who use IE or another browser to download, but maybe annoying if you run simultaneous downloading multiple files at once. So, the program allows you to hide all windows downloadable single click of the main table, Downloads mine, which is the search box at the top of the window The. From there, you can control any of your download speed. You can pause, stop, resume curriculum, or delete records. You can also double-click to open the file in any file already downloaded. Remember that you can always monitor your downloads in one place or manage all these features in each window separately download.

Advanced Image To PDF Converter 1.10 Download

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Size: 12 MB
Category: Office tools|PDF
Developer: Advanced Reliable Software

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Advanced Image To PDF Converter torrentAdvanced Image To PDF Converter
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Advanced Image To PDF Converter is an intuitive application that can be used to convert a PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, EPS or WMF files to the PDF format. The program allows the user to select the output folder of PDF documents, page size and orientation. In addition, users can also choose to change the image to fit better with the choice of PDF document page size.