Monday, 24 February 2014

Modbus Poll 5.6.0 Build 686 FastDL Download

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Modbus Poll torrentModbus Poll
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Modbus Poll is a Modbus master simulator designed to be useful and efficient developers Modbus slaves or areas of data management and monitoring at the same time help and simulate Modbus protocol.For each window you simply specify the Modbus slave ID, title, address, size and poll rate. You can read programming and reels of each window and write. If you want to change a program just double click on the value. Or you can change multiple registers / coils. Different data formats, such as float, double and long with word order swapping available.If your slave developer you can compose and perform in the middle est your own test strings and check the results of the expensive hex numbers.OLE Automation for interfacing with Visual Basic, interpret Excel etc. For more information, view Modbus according to your specific needs. and Eg edit data in Excel and then transmit the data to a slave device! Try Excel installed example.xls Modbus program.SUPPORTED FUNCTION: Reading Status Reading coil state business registry Read Read input register Force Force single coil input single program multiple coils Preset Preset multiple registers read / write program


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