Sunday, 23 March 2014

Super Fdisk 1.0 Download

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Category: System|Boot Manager/Disk
Developer: PTDD Group

Torrent Size: 14 MB

Super Fdisk torrentSuper Fdisk
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Super Fdisk is a utility shared disk. With the Super Fdisk you can quickly and easily create, I?? Delete, format partitions without destroying data. Super Fdisk manager for Windows 95/98/Me, MS-DOS, Freedos.With SUPER FDISK you can: - Create primary, extended and logical partitions - I?? Delete primary, extended and logical partitions - Format FAT partitions - or restore the MBR, partition table, boot sector - Hide and unhide FAT, NTFS / HPFS, ext2, ext3, swap partitions - Activate / i?? connected partition - Show the partition table - Show characteristics of hard disks - Erase MBR and hard drives are very flexible and convenient way GRAPHICS . SUPER FDISK supports all partition species?? s. The original FDISK program doesn publishers?? Licensure you create more than one primary partition. SUPER FDISK does not, because it is a powerful tool for creating any combinations of partitions. This can be very useful for system administrators and OS.

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